About Robert Bentley
U.S. Army Veteran
Former Police Commissioner
NRA Member

I'll give you the short version of what happened to me. VA employees retaliated against me and violated my Constitutional rights because I contacted Democrat Congressman Raul Ruiz and he sent a Congressional Inquiry to the VA. Ruiz and the mainstream media push the lie that he can help veterans and that he cares about them. He sends mailings at taxpayer expense, called the "franking privilege", to push this insidious lie. I sued the VA employees who violated my Constitutional rights in Federal Court. My case was dismissed because of a bad law that Congress passed, made worse by an insane decision of the 9th Federal Court. Congress passed this law to immunize VA wrongdoing precisely because it is so widespread. 22 veterans commit suicide every day? Murdering illegal aliens and Islamic Jihadis get their day in American courts, but not our veterans. It is absolutely an outrage. We just want our benefits! Can I fix it, yes I can!
36th District of California
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