36th District of California
Paid for by Robert Bentley for Congress
#1 Priority = A Coachella Valley VA Medical Center.

Only a veteran can understand.
Only a veteran can win for veterans. I am determined!

I support President Trump 100%.
Globalists fear a strong America.
Reject mainstream media FAKE NEWS scumbags,
and Hollywood perverts and pedophiles.
American culture is under attack!

#1 Threat to America = The unholy alliance between radical Islam, feminist extremists, and Socialists/Communists.
Antifa & BLM are terrorist groups. Support police!

America is the greatest country that has ever been!
America was too strong for direct attack.
Our Constitution is not compatible with Islamic law. Our soldiers die fighting Islamic radicals over there, but liberals bring their so-called "refugees" here into our own nest, many military age men… It's a military invasion and a dangerous betrayal. Defeat radical Islam!

Globalists seek to cripple and enslave America with a carbon tax.
Lower taxes… Less regulation… America Wins!

Prosecute George Soros, Hillary the Spirit Cooking Witch
and the entire Clinton crime organization. Repeal Obamacare!

Gun rights are fundamental, predating the Constitution,
and shall not be infringed.

BUILD THE WALL! Require voter ID at the polls. Repeal NAFTA.
Sanctuary cities are harboring fugitives, a serious felony!